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Dorado 225

Dorado 225

Eduardono Dorado 225 Panga-style Skiff Boat

- 100% fibreglass hull

- 2315lbs capacity

- 60+ years proven

- Choose from various layouts (e.g. floor, console, cabin)
- Unique high bow to cut through wave
- 100% fibreglass hull
- 2315lbs capacity
- Over 60+ years proven
- Less than 12-inch draft 
- 25HP Suzuki outboard motor

- #1 work boat off the coast of South America

1 removable FGRP interior shelf
1 removable FGRP shelf over bulwark
1 polyethylene gun oil protector (without insert)
1 bulwark protector with aluminum insert.
1 upper color stripe on the outside of the hull, 

with optional colors on: Gray G2, blue Z1, green
V3Type your paragraph here.

1 FGRP hull with white exterior paint and gray interior paint with white spots on the bottom
3 FGRP ribs.
1 would partition located aft in FGRP, with the drain
1 pilot’s seat in FGRP lined wood, located aft.
3, 3/8" stainless steel eyebolts
1 folded and perforated aluminum transom plate
1 FGRP mayor protector for one engine
1 lever plug kit

- Electric Package (Navigation lights, Bilge, Battery Break switch and accessory power) . Navigation
- Chart-plotter
- Fish-finder system
- Upgrade to High Capacity Trailer
- We offer fleet discount for three or more
- Commercial discount on Motor (*with Business Licence)

 The tough, multi-use, ‘Panga-style' skiff is uniquely designed with a heavily reinforced fibreglass hull and a high bow to minimize bow spray. The narrow beam is fuel-efficient in shallow or deep waters with low HP.

Its versatile open-design has a shallow draft. It is durable and safe with foam filled bulkheads. Traditionally designed to use offshore and inshore as a work boat in Central America, Asia and the Caribbean, our work boat is tough enough for a professional fishermen & adventurers in large bodies of water.

*Pricing does not include PDI, shipping, or tax

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