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GALA Aquahelm A300Q-A360Q RHIBs

GALA Aquahelm A300Q-A360Q RHIBs

The idea of AQUAHELM for GALA boats is THE BEST SOLUTION if you are looking for the lightest tender with steering. Three GALA models can be equipped with AQUAHELM S-08 steering console & seat combo, which  is an innovative design from GALA. Extremely light and versatile with slim eye-catching outlines, it easily converts your dinghy to an unbeatable center console craft! You can adjust console and arm positions for your comfort. Available for models A300D, A330D, A360D. The console can be installed any time if you want to upgrade from classic tiller drive to remote control steering.

- Lowest weight

- Stretch your legs

- Refined styling 

- Strength and space

- Adjust for perfect fit


*Pricing does not include PDI, shipping, or tax

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