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GALA Freestyle F240-F450 Tenders

GALA Freestyle F240-F450 Tenders

GALA Series-F tenders are represented across 4 models and constitute a new and fresh design in class of foldable boats with floorboards or airdeck. Our innovations:
• Each model is equipped with «GALA-JET» inflatable tube, allowing for an impressive carrying capacity and power rating.
• Every unit is expertly equipped only with genuine GALA fittings and accessories.
There are 4 models in the series and two flooring options:
• F240, F270, F300, F330 - with solid aluminium floorboards and inflatable keel
• F240A, F270A, F300A, F330A - with high-pressure airdeck and inflatable keel.
In creating this line of tenders, we offer something entirely different in comparison to other boats available on the market: unprecedented quality of design, engineering, and craftsmanship in each boat.

- Gala Jet Hull Design

- Two aluminum sliding seats

- Gala Bow Cleat

- Most spacious cockpit

- Made in Europe

*Pricing does not include PDI, shipping, or tax

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