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GRAND Golden Line G420-G650 RHIBs

GRAND Golden Line G420-G650 RHIBs

We are delighted to introduce the new G420-G650 boats, the latest in the Golden Line Series. The design follows the well-established Grand contemporary philosophy with a bright, dynamic appearance and aerodynamic lines. Whilst filling an important niche in the mid-size luxury tender market this model, with it’s classic layout, performs equally well as a high specification family runabout.

Technical Data

Models   G420LF
Length overall cm 420
  ft/inches 13′ 9”
Length inside cm 290
  ft/inches 9′ 6”
Width overall cm 200
  ft/inches 6′ 7”
Width inside cm 105
  ft/inches 3′ 5”
Tube diameter cm 48
  inches 19”
Bare Boat weight * kg 255
  lbs 1177
Transport Boat weight ** kg 325
  lbs 715
Loading capacity *** kg 800
  lbs 1760
Passenger capacity   6
No of chambers   4
Engine recommended HP 40
  kW 29,4
Engine max HP 60
  kW 44,1
Engine weight max kg 120
  lbs 264
Engine shaft length inches 20″(long)
Midsection / aft deadrise degrees 20°/ 17°
Stowed dimensions of packageNo1 cm 400
  cm 165
  cm 115
  ft/inches 13′ 1”
  ft/inches 5′ 5”
  ft/inches 3′ 9”
Stowed dimensions of package No2 cm 110
  cm 88
  cm 108
  ft/inches 3′ 7”
  ft/inches 2′ 11”
  ft/inches 3′ 7”
Bottom type   RIB
Boat design category ****   D,C


* -The bare boat weight is the weight of the empty boat without any removable accessories.

** -The transport weight is the weight of a complete boat in standard package.

*** – Because of differences of local boatbuilding standards the Loading capacity and maximum
Engine Power may vary by country. Please check with your local GRAND dealers.

**** – Boat design category under European Union Directive 2013/53/EU.

*Pricing does not include PDI, shipping, or tax

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