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Suzumar MX-320-OKIB

Suzumar MX-320-OKIB


Available in 2.4 and 3.2m lengths, this series features an inflatable floor and keel for a more solid feel. This design enables more speed and comfort. Perfect as a tender, fishing, exploring and more. When you’re done for the day, pack it up in a travel bag and transport it or tie it up for tomorrow’s adventures.


The MX-320-OKIB is designed to make it easy to transport without the use of a trailer and light enough to set up on the back or dockside.


Powered by Suzuki engines that deliver quick starts, great acceleration, awesome performance and superior fuel economy. A handy fuel tank rest ensures secure transport.


The MX-320-OKIB comes with a seat, oar locks, oars, plus hand holds, lifting handles, mooring rope and more. Setup, disassembly and transport is a breeze with a handy foot pump and carry bag.


Model: MX-320-OKIB

Passengers: 5 (375kg/827lb)

Length: 3.21m (10.53ft)

Weight Capacity: 620kg (1,367lb)

Hull Weight: 36.6kg (80.6lb)

Maximum Power: 7.4kw (10HP)

Outboard: DF6A , DF9.9B

*Pricing does not include PDI, shipping, or tax

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